Are you ready to get the success you deserve?

Joseph McClendon III    //    26 November to 28 November 2021  //  Amsterdam

Do you recognise yourself in one of these situations?

You want to replace your bad habits with success habits

You feel insecure

You strive for even higher results than you achieve at the moment

You feel like you don’t have enough time

You feel put under pressure because of huge workloads

You want to attract as much success as possible!

It's time to take control over your life again!

The A-Factor is an inspiring 3-day training that provides you with the tools and experience to achieve your personal goals fast. As Joseph puts it: everybody deserves success; we sometimes tend to stand in our own way. During this training LIVE in Amsterdam you will learn to recognise and break free from limiting beliefs and unleash your true potential. At The A-Factor you will:

Develop habits to be centered, calm and certain

Design powerful inner dialogue

Abundance Consciousness

Create a confident identity

Get rid of negative emotions and behaviors

Crush fear, procrastination and hesitation

How to create your world deliberately

How to attract success

The 3 phases of the A-Factor

During each phase you’ll discover techniques you can use right away, so you can start to change immediately!


Since thoughts create emotions and thoughts are pliable, we can adjust our thought process to create the best emotions for the task or tasks at hand. This process is called emotional mechanics and is the first phase of the A-Factor. Procrastination, hesitation, fear of failure, inhibitions and complacency are all thieves of productivity, and stand as barriers in our lives.


The true You creates a powerful self-identity, and then embeds it into one’s belief system. It becomes a natural extension of who they are. The results are more confidence, pride and self- esteem. This again fosters a spirit of positive expectancy and has a processional effect within the given environment. Your new identity will help you reach your higher dreams and goals.


Human beings will do amazing things when they have a strong enough motive. Learning to attach our motives to our emotions and outcomes creates internal determination that pulls us into our future.  Finding one’s “Why” and attaching it to their emotions creates an attitude or positive expectancy and deliberateness. Knowing that this is possible attracts this to one’s self.

Who is Joseph McClendon III?


Joseph McClendon lll is one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. His unique brand of “Tell, Show, Do” teaching and coaching create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action and go “Further Faster” with their personal and business achievements.

He holds several certifications in the neurosciences arena. Joseph taught at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for seven years and is frequently called upon to lecture at other higher learning institutions like Harvard University and several fortune 500 hundred companies.

In 1986, Joseph met and teamed up with best-selling author and speaker Anthony Robbins. After mastering the technology, he became extremely proficient in assisting people in overcoming the fears, phobias and emotional challenges that hindered their lives.

Having performed hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, seminars and training programs, one-on-one therapeutic interventions and has presented to well over 3 million people around the globe. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in business, personal and health and wellness and personal improvement.

An impression of the event

Joseph Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Joseph on Coming to Europe

What others think…

I've worked with this man for over 25 years and Joseph is the most passionate and playfull man that I've ever met. This is a guy that applies every strategy he knows in order to improve his life and help other people.

Tony RobbinsMotivational speaker

Without a doubt Joseph McClendon lll changed my whole focus. He is a 21th century motivator, his knowledge is so today, so powerful, so necessary. I feel that anybody with a need to step up in their lives should make Joseph a must.

John Millerm.d. circular securities

It's truly amazing how Mr. McClendon works. He really understands people. He knows exactly how and where to get you starded, how to finish and most of all. How to enjoy the journey along the way.

Tianna Diguire

Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport

(provisional, venue is not confirmed yet)

Friday November 26th:
Registration 08:30 – 10:00 am
Event: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm

Saturday November 27th:
Event: 09:00 am – 06:30 pm

Sunday November 28th:
Event: 09:00 am – 06:30 pm

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The A-Factor has annual editions in the USA where the price to attend Joseph’s training is $ 1195 (excluding costs for travel and residence).

We have seen the enormous impact this program has had on our participants. That’s why we want to share this with as much people as possible and make it possible for everyone to attend this 3-day training in Amsterdam.

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